About company

UAB "Šilutės šilumos tinklai" are the main heat energy suppliers in Šilutė city, Traksėdžiai, Rusnė, Juknaičiai, Kintai, Švėkšna villages.The main shareholder of the company is Šilutė District Municipality owns 99.9 % of shares, the rest shares are held by individuals. Average number of employees during the heating season is about 73 people, non-heating season 60 people.




The main company’s activity is the production of district heating, heating and hot water service. Activity of the company is licensed. District heat prices are controlled for Prices and Energy Control Comission. Company carries out its main activities in Šilutė city, Traksėdžiai, Juknaičiai, Rusnė, Kintai and Švėkšna residential areas, producing and supplying heat connected to the heat supply network users.